Also Fits: Oldsmobile Bravada, Buick Ranier, Isuzu Ascender, & Sabb Vehicles


GM Part #: 15293048, 25790869, 15192191

Dorman 622-001 Electronic Fan Clutch

AKA: Cooling Fan Speed Sensor, Electro-Viscous (EV) Fan Clutch, Electronic Fan Clutch

Symptoms that may require fan clutch replacement:

Excessive Fan Noise and/or Check Engine Light On

Possible Diagnostic Trouble Codes Set:

P0495, P1481, P1482, P1484


Fan Clutch Wrench Part #: J-41240 or J-46406

This can usually be purchased at most AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts Stores. We can also supply you this wrench with your fan clutch order. Please email or call us and we can add it to you order or you can usually add it when going through checkout. Please call us with any questions 1-866-770-2771

CAUTION: It is not recommended to disconnect the battery on any later model vehicle unless specified in repair instructions. Disconnecting the battery can cause the vehicle computers to lose valuable memory data and can actually cause driveabillity problems. If you do disconnect the battery, a computer relearn procedure must be done to bring vehicle back to normal.


 Remove Cooling Fan & Shroud

  • Remove the hood latch support
  • Disconnect the transmission cooler lines at the engine and release the lines from the fan shroud. NOTE: Many customers have stated that the cooler lines do not need to actually be disconnected, removing them from the shroud is all that is normally needed to get clearance
  • Remove the 2 upper fan shroud bolts
  • Drain approximatly 1 Qt. of coolant
  • Reposition the upper inlet radiator hose clamp
  • Remove the upper inlet radiator hose from the radiator
  • Remove the electrical connector from the shroud
  • Position the water pump so the bolts are aligned in the vertical position
  • Use the fan clutch wrench to loosen and remove the fan clutch hub nut. NOTE: This is removed by turning it in a counter-clockwise rotation while facing the vehicle. NOTE: The fan clutch wrench has 2 tabs that lock into the water pump to allow you to hold it while using the other piece of the wrench to turn the nut.More tips are below in our customer’s installation tips.
  • Unclip the fan shroud from the radiator side panels.
  • Tilt the radiator and the condenser forward
  • Lift the fan and the shroud up and out towards the engine to release the fan from the radiator inlet.
  • With the entire assembly out, remove the bolts retaining the fan blade to the fan clutch
  • Seperate the blade from the clutch


  • Install the fan blade onto the clutch and install the 4 bolts. Torque these bolts to 20 Ft./Lbs.
  • Install the fan & shroud onto the lip of the radiator bottom.
  • Install the 2 bolts into the upper fan shroud and tighten to 21 Ft./Lbs.
  • Connect the electrical connector
  • Clip the fan shroud to the radiator at the side panels
  • Install the fan clutch onto the water pump shaft and tighten in a clockwise rotation with the fan clutch wrench. The torque on this nut is 41 Ft./Lbs
  • Tighten or re-install the transmission cooler lines and clip them back into the fan shroud
  • Install the hood latch
  • Install the upper radiator hose and reposition the hose clamp
  • Fill the cooling system
  • Check with the dealer for any PCM software updates. These are very important!!

NOTE: Some vehicles require the PCM to be updated for a software problem with the fan clutch. You are surely familair with your home computer needing updates periodically. This is actually also true for the computers installed on your vehicle. Your vehicle has several computers installed and it is not uncommon for the manufacturer to come out with updates. Many of these updates are free and many are charged for. The electronic fan clutches on these vehicles are very common to fail, however sometimes all that is needed is a software update. The software for the fan clutch has been upgraded and also should be done when a new fan clutch is installed. The early model trailblazers, envoy’s, ranier’s, bravada’s, and Saab’s could actually have improved air conditioning function and have a ticking noise fixed by having a software update performed. Please check with your dealer by calling them and giving them your VIN to see if any updates are available. They are well worth getting even if they cost you money.

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