Coil Spring Conversion Installation Instructions

  • Mercury Grand Marquis:  1992 – 2007
  • Ford Crown Victoria:  1992 – 2007
  • Lincoln Town Car:  1990 – 2005

Caution! : Working with coil springs can be dangerous. Read and understand these instructions completely before beginning work on the vehicle. Removing original air bags:

1)      Turn off Air suspension switch inside the trunk of the vehicle.

2)      Jack up vehicle and support the FRAME of the vehicle on jack stands. The rear axle assembly MUST be completely unloaded (in other words, hanging freely).

3)      Remove rear wheels

4)      Remove air spring solenoid retaining clip, it is a C shaped metal clip that easily pops off with a small screwdriver.

5)      Rotate the solenoid counterclockwise to its first stop. Pull outward on the solenoid to release the air pressure in the bag. Once the air pressure is fully released, rotate counterclockwise again and pull out, the solenoid will now come out of the air spring.

6)      Remove the large metal clip on top of the air-spring. This clip holds the top of the air-spring to the chassis. A pair of pliers or a large hook shaped tool may be required to remove the Spring-Clip.

7)      Release the lower air-spring seat by prying up on the air spring. The metal clip inside will release from the rear differential housing.

8 )    Unplug the electrical connector on the air-spring solenoid. Remove air line from air-spring solenoid by pushing down on the orange quick-release ring and pull out on the air line at the same time.

Installing New Coil Springs:

1)      With old air springs completely removed. Remove the lower shock mounting bolts. The axle assembly will now hang freely. Install the rubber coil spring isolators on the springs-seats and place the coil springs onto the isolators.

2)      Use a floor jack placed under the center of the differential housing (pumpkin) and slowly jack up the rear axle until the holes for the lower shock bolts are lined up with the shock.

3)      Install the lower shock bolts and tighten to 70ft/lbs. Lower the jack under the rear differential.

4)      Reinstall the wheel assemblies and lower the vehicle to the ground. Torque the rear wheels to 100ft/lbs.

5)      Disconnect  the air suspension computer. On some models it is located behind the trunk carpet. On others it is located behind the glove-box lid.


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