ADCCA Board and Committees

[For all governance issues please refer to the ADCCA constitution, which can be found here]

ADCCA is comprised of seven Steering Committees and two Advisory Councils. Each committee is made of three to four Policy Advisers with relevant professional and expertise in their field with representatives and leaders from across the financial services, legal and other technical fields.



The Board

The Australian Digital Currency and Commerce Association hosts 12 Board Seats:

4 Partner Members (FS Sector Enterprise Level Participants ie Banking and Majors Servicing Economies of Scale)

3 Associate Members (Merchants and FS Support Services Participants ie  Mid-Major Tier Accounting, Legal and Tech Firms)

5 Industry Members  (FinTech and Digital Currency/Blockchain Participants ie SME Innovation and Tech Firms)



Membership & Events Committee

Like all member based organisations ADCCA is required to both service existing members and promote the Digital Currency industry through an active and engaging events program.  This committee bringing together the best minds in events management and members services to guide ADCCA in these areas and is comprised of an (non-member)  Management Team.


Accounting & Financial Services Standards Committee

ADCCA provides a best practice accounting and financial services framework for its members, bench-marked off world leading financial services providers.  This committee ensures our high standards are upheld and introduces ADCCA to any new developments in this field.


Legal Committee

ADCCA maintains top flight legal counsel to deal with issues as they arise and to interpret the ever changing legislative and regulatory landscape. This committee Policy Advisers come from the countries leading, top-tier legal firms.


AML and Financial Crime Committee

Customers who use Digital Currency products deserve peace of mind; a peace of mind that comes with safe and secure systems.  This committee will ensure consumer protection will always be cutting edge at ADCCA


Enterprise & FS Sector Committee

As a new sector, FinTech and Digital Currencies are a hotbed of new ideas.  Our panel of entrepreneurs, investors and representatives from the established Financial Services sector. This group additionally serves to assist Australian enterprise in a adopting new technologies (such as Blockchain) to their organisations


Education & Learning Committee

Education is key for our members and other interested citizens to understand industry fundamentals and emerging trends.  Through this committee ADCCA aims to be the go to place for Digital Currency and FinTech education. This group is led by American-Australian Thought Leader and ADCCA Public Information Officer, Mark Pesce


Financial Technology (FinTech) Innovation Committee

A committee to keep ADCCA up to speed with all the latest in the world of technology.  As technology drives this industry, it will also drive ADCCA’s advocacy and keep all Committee’s, Councils and the Board apprised of rapidly advancing changes in FinTech to ensure agile responses to these developments 



·         Government Advisory Council

This bodies acts as a bridge between the industry and government and draws on ADCCA’s well renowned report with dozens of key regulatory contacts

·         Chairman’s Advisory Council 

The best minds in Australian industry are here to provide counsel for ADCCA’s operations and strategic direction


Founding Members |

The ADCCA was founded in April 2014 by 3 of Australia’s leading Digital Currencey and Payment companies:


Founding Members


ADCCA Milestones |